The installation is easy and you can connect to access points with push button security. And being small in size it can easily fit into any USB port without occupying too much space around it, ideal for crowded areas. The Wireless N comes with intelligent antenna technology that will receive signals even at farthest corners of your home by transmitting streams by bouncing then off walls. Never tap the line before the splitter to ensure smooth connection and best speed. You might have also faced the similar problem. Buy a cheap DSL Modem standalone.

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Now you have to configure the network adaptors of client machines. If you are getting the result similar to the screenshot below, it shows your router is properly connected to PC.

One Response Hemant September 2, Buy a mtnll separately. In that window type ping This device is very compact yet quite powerful.

Flipkart Amazon Snapdeal Infibeam All mynl models are between the price range of – Personally I am most likely going for W but if you find a model with custom firmware support at price upto 3k let me know. If you are getting anything other than this, you have to configure your network adaptor.

You can connect the parallel telephone instruments to the phone output of the splitter if required.


Hey mithilesh, Have you plugged that LAN cable to your computer? MTNL will provide the Broadband services within 15 days of apply of broadband connection based on the technical feasibility. Once done the device is automatically detected and ready to use, setup the network by running the wizard or do it manually as you prefer.

D Link T. I was doing the same research as the ‘trusty’ MTNL router has started to dysfunction and I finally was able to get my exchange to switch me to 8Mbps plan so need full home coverage.

If you have an old Wi-Fi router the firmware can be upgraded and you router can be turned into a repeater which will repeat the signal and help increase the coverage area.

How can that be fixed? Click the save button after completing above mentioned steps.

How to configure TP Link TD-W8968 Wireless N ADSL Modem cum Router for BSNL and MTNL

What next I have to do. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Keep the Channel and Channel width Auto. New routers aren’t a necessity. I juz changed my net from mtnl to cableā€¦here problem is this adsl2 router.

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Which ADSL WiFi router N would be best for an MTNL internet connection in India? – Quora

Whenever it is operatedall configuration settings in ADSL Modem are reset to default factory settings, resulting the resetting of Modem login and password to default admin and admin respectively. I have a hall with a passage and a room where my desktop is installed. Mtml router supports three type of WiFi security modes.


WEP is an outdated security standard and vulnerable also.

If you are facing any problems in configuration part please share the same through comments. It was of great help for me.

How to configure TP Link TD-W Wireless N ADSL Modem cum Router for BSNL and MTNL

See the connection diagram. I mmtnl also looking to have a torrent download feature in the router so that I don’t need to keep my laptop on always. Then I manually have to enter a static IP or keep trying to renew the lease times.

Various Broadband Plans have been made available to suit the needs of various users see website for details. My problem is my iphone 5 s is not able to connect to the wifi from my nearby room. Avoid tensions, Switch to Unlimited Download Plan. I have purchased TD-w TPlink modem. Menu India Broadband Forum.