Hi efwaters Does it mean that you cannot access the player from your pc via the network, ie you cannot use it as an external hard drive via the network only via usb? So at the moment only wired networking – or direct connect to a pc via USB. I have decided to go for the Ellion which has good support over on the mpcclub website. It will play iso images of DVD’s in principle but there is something buggy about parental protection, which is not even supposed to be implemented in the player which may cause problems with some dvds’s The scart input can be routed to the HDMI output allowing upscaling and timeshifting of up to a few hours and its recording from the scart seems decent enough Essentially the player was released too early with inadequate support so even theough the Ellion A can be fractionally more expensive it is a better bet at the moment if only because ellion actually make these boxes and flaky though their support may be, it does actually exist. It has no scheduling but seems to work ok. Apr 2, at 8: Nov 7, at 9:

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There’s a really detailed and accessible review of the Ellion hmr a at http: Oct 28, Messages: To soon to comment on reliability. Jan 30, at 6: Hi efwaters Does it mean that you cannot access the player from your pc via the network, ie you cannot use it as an external hard drive via the network only via usb?


Do you know how to upgrade the HDRQ? Ellion are revising the firmware for their own badged model, however it is not clear if firmware upgrades for their model can be used with the Hyundai and given there does not appear to be a copy of the original Yyundai firmware distributed with the player it might be an expensive brick making exercise to flash with new Ellion Firmware.

You buy the drive separately so you can have any size up to the currently supported GB that’s what I hhdr-350q in mine. Rewinding a skipped part at that point will always play the missing segment, and replaying the same movie will result in a different part crashing or skipping, say after 10mins rather than 60mins. Hyundai also do not seem to have any support at all on their website and are simply acting as box shifters the model is seemingly identical to the Ellion A.

Can anybody tell me where to get the firmware update or at least how to keep track of what is going on in that respect.

Frankly this is not acceptable. Seems that a few of the bugs have already been sorted with the latest firmware.

I’m still experimenting with its interaction on a computer network, but it seems pretty impressive so far. I’m in the process of following up the above EMail to get a list of what the Hyundai firmware contains.

Hyundai HDR-350Q HD Player

Can someone tell me the internal hard drive capacity with the Hyundai HDRQ Media Player i was going to buy one on ebuyer but they are out of stock and don’t seem to be getting more in! Jan 12, at I’ve got it connected to my router obivously has DHCP service.


Dec 10, at 8: SteveTApr hdt-350q, Seems to be an AV issue, not sure how to solve, anyone any ideas? Any thoughts most welcome. Have look at this http: I thought the unit was compatible with drives up to Gb?

encoding Hyundai Media Recorder HDRQ (Ellion HMR )? – MediaCoder

I quite fancy one of these units. May 23, at 3: This box does the hdr-350 for me, thanks again for this forum’s help.

Out of about 40 movies I have watched only got 3 to play through with no issues, the rest with 2 or 3 breaks, just very annoying. LyricmanDec 10, It all looks a bit more positive though – even if the site is in Itialian – at least they’re recognising the product and putting support in place.

I have one, it is potentially quite useful and very quiet yyundai and its a big yyundai Apr 5, at Jan 2, at 9: Jan 22, at 1: Nov 4, Messages: May 29, at 1: