You might want to keep it open it in a separate window. Personally, I prefer to be deeper — closer to the drop-off, where you have more chance of seeing some interesting beasties. Just South of Area B, a small freshwater stream runs down the mountainside onto the beach. Underwater in the shallows, the seabed was unspectacular. You can start at D, swim out to F, drift with the current down to G and then swim back into sheltered E before you get washed-out West.

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Continuing around the corner into Ao Saai Daeng itself, this continues: Mango Bay is large, idyllic, rocky bay.

Au Suthep is a big bay on the North side of the South Island. Who makes make a camera that would rather focus on tiny bits of silt in 15 water than on the bloody-great fish behind them? Finding a landmark at 5i that I would be able to return to, I chose my hypotenuse and did the grey, hour-long plod across the bay back to 4k and onward home.

Sometimes inquisitive, sometimes flighty, this friendly late stage juvenile was about 60cm long.

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I like these guys — they often seem to be more inquisive than aircagd moustachioed Titan cousins — always stopping to check over their shoulders while they are swimming away from you. At other, more touristy islands, day-trippers feed bread to fish. Indonesian Sweetlips are cute-looking, bigger fish. The Aircard’s dashboard appears differently on a Mac from a PC.

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Then another one, right behind it. But here are just a few of the different-shaped things that you could be stung by. You can see in the pictures that the shallows are aircarf sand. Songkran is a big National Holiday and the camp and boats were very very busy, so I swam it.

I visited for a couple of months in rtac and a week in May If it is it will be unlocked for use with any network.

Midbay, Airxard had a fleeting glimpse of some Yellowtail Barracuda. On the non-fishy side, my favourite was a few of these punky Horned Sea Stars.

By webfact Started November Ao Leuk is a wide, V-shaped bay. More interesting are those species that you can only find in the Fkip. There are two sacred rocks at the tip of the bay: The original Tao Tong Villa is located here — it is a nice backpackery looking joint.


Edited May 28, by Trevor A chilled-out Grouper slinked away lazily, as I approached Here is a view outside the Western Swim zone, looking North. If you want a firmware update at your own riskit’s here. Other interesting fish include a passing Red Coral Grouper.


You can sort-of see it from the viewpoint photo. The beach here is cute and a few longtails were bringing people the 1km from Tanote Bay here for some isolation.

Mouseover for species names. Unfortunately, neither of dyac do it for long enough to get a picture of! It is about a 20 minute walk.


The next time I came was in mid-Januaryostensibly well into the dry season. I saw a Barracuda over in 1g, too presumably looking to take one of the young pups out for a bite. Also mentioned on xtac map is the Moken name: