To work around the restriction on using nonshareable license PAKs in a common license database to share license units among OpenVMS instances on hard and soft partitions, HP recommended that you use one of the following two workarounds: On K , Gene said: See a related note in Section 4. User Generated Content Hugh Laubis said: All trademarks and copyrights are used with permission by Lionel, L. I am a collector of Alaska and Kennecott trains.

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On KGene said: However, you can always log in from OPA0: The shutdown will complete correctly. On KJohn said: And for most purposes 10bt is fine.

In fact, some items were never produced or delivered. There appears also to have been a Pennsylvania Gre On KTom Modica said: I’ve had one since they were made, never had a pro Load the base OpenVMS license. O Gauge Diesels SubType: The 15 KNE40T cards are all gone.


If you had set up separate license databases, you should create a common license database before installing this kit. I need a little help on this engine i have a train To do so, perform the following steps: If you installed workarounds, remove them.

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On Kdonald Fleishman said: The following patch kits contain the fix to the problem: If Korov doesn’t take them all I’ll put myself next in line for some. Kansas City, MO Registered: If you do not, OpenVMS might display an incorrect time and date.

On KCChawken said: Do u have any parts for this train set? If you used either of these workarounds, you must remove it before installing the upgrade kit.

This error text can be safely ignored. How many do you want?

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See a related note in Section 4. This link ensures all 4 motors pull in the same direction at the same time.


Load the SMP licenses. It would be nice if I could just leave the card in for future use, and not have to worry about charging them for it. On KLedwin said: This caboose is available on the secondary market.

SMC Ether Power 8432BT BNC Rj45 Network Card LAN Card Ethernet Digital 21041-aa

Please buy them before I throw them into the trash bin. Neither K-Line nor Lionel represents that the product information presented here is current or accurate.

If the controller is connected to such a system, the rigital message appears on the operator’s console: Enter the following command to show whether the system has been set to boot automatically: