Activating ClearType may help to a degree, but is not always favourable to users. Has anyone experienced the same issue? Subwoofer Logitech Z not working. Ergonomically and connectivity-wise, the screen remains extremely impressive. VGA has no issues.

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A New Model, New Issues? We remember back to the release of the 2xx7WFP models, where Dell addressed the colour banding issues which users were reporting, and hopefully the new reports of colour tinting, text disp,ayport and uniformity issues will now be fixed on the WFP.

The lag shown is commonly 30 – 50ms, but remember this is compared with the VPb which would in turn show a degree of lag compared with a CRT screen. With the release of an updated model comes talk of possible issues with the screen. I would wait until at least the 20th of May. We confirmed there was an average input lag of around 64ms in our testsand compared with the average input lag of To be honest, when we tested the screen for this issue, we displaylort see no issues at all, and this was at the default 50 sharpness setting.

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It could well be that some are seeing slight gradation dispayport colours, especially in darker tones, but this can be common on a lot of LCD displays. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Red and Green Tinting.


Gamma is a little out at 2.

I have this question too. Subwoofer Logitech Z not working.

Dell’s inch WFP monitor with DisplayPort (and everything else) now available

If a small font is blue then the sharpness ‘paint’ a pink color around the edges of the text. In normal use and practice, it seems it is very difficult to spot any real issue on the WFP in this regard, but you can displauport it sometimes on colour gradients.

Most of the time it refuses to show anything at all on the screen and cause my video card to resync indefinitely. We will of course not know which aspects have been addressed until details of the A01 revision are displaypoet, or until users start to receive the new version. Rather than release a fix for this black ghosting, Dell decided to replace the WFP altogether with a new, updated version: It should be noted that in the monitortest.

Dell’s 24-inch 2408WFP monitor with DisplayPort (and everything else) now available

I have found a workaround disolayport works most of the time. ChrisM from Dell has emailed to give the following update: Fedora initially only lets me choose a resolution of up to x Started using it with my Lenovo w via the DisplayPort. Has anyone experienced the same issue? The following image shows the black depth and contrast ratio of the Dell WFP as compared with several other popular 24″ models in the market. If you have any feedback or things to add to the discussion, please let us know!


Stay up to date: It is unclear at this stage whether this is a big issue or not, but it does appear it is nowhere near as obvious as the quite terrible banding we saw on the early 2xx7WFP revisions.

Dell WFP DisplayPort Issues – Lenovo Community

Panel uniformity will vary as it is related to build quality and stock, but most reports suggest it has been good so far. The above image shows the results of LaCie’s software test and report feature after calibration against the sRGB standard.

This lead to some unfortunate new issues linked to poorly controlled RTC overdrive impulses, and a characteristic black ghosting trail on certain colour transitions was evident.

We will confirm this with Samsung and update when we hear more. As you can see, the black depth of the WFP disolayport impressive at 0. Ergonomically and connectivity-wise, the screen remains extremely impressive.