Appendix B Options Appendix B Options If you have purchased the optional handset, refer to this appendix for instructions on attaching it to your unit. If any items are damaged or missing, notify your local authorized Canon Facsimile Dealer immediately. You may want to keep these lists near your unit to refer to them when dialing. To purchase this toner cartridge, contact your local authorized Canon Facsimile Dealer. Canon has placed laser printing and laser faxing, convenience copying and full-featured telephone capabilities in one compact, affordable and easy-to-use solution. Advertisements or commercial links. Lift the latch and open the front cover.

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This starts redialing regardless of whether automatic redialing is enabled.

Canon – Laser Class P -Copycare of San Diego, Inc.

Chapter 9 Special Features This chapter describes the special dialing methods and explains other useful features of your unit. Cleaning The Scanner Components Page Use a clean, soft, dry, lint-free cloth to wipe any paper dust from the areas surrounding the separation roller shaded area in the illustration.

Page Press Set.

Chapter 13 Troubleshooting If your unit is not operating properly, use the information and suggestions in this chapter to try to fix the problem. Page 42 Setting Up Chapter Page 75 Press Set twice. Accessing The Menus Chapter 9 Special Features Chapter 9 Special Features This chapter describes the special dialing methods and explains other useful features of your unit. Speed Dialing What is Speed Dialing?


Canon laser class 1060P user manual

This product is clas by our Canon Authorized Dealer Network. Chapter 3 Registering Information This chapter explains how to enter information in your unit.

Tx transmission Report Registering Group Dialing Page 12 Chapter Making a Telephone Call With Speed Dialing Follow this procedure to dial a telephone number registered for one-touch or coded speed dialing on your unit: Chapter 12 Maintenance This chapter describes the steps you need to follow to keep your unit clean.

Maintaining Your Handset Maintaining Your Handset To maintain your handset in top working condition, be sure to follow these guidelines: Cleaning The Unit’s Interior The laser printing process uses high temperatures to fuse toner to the paper.

Printing a Document Stored in Memory Follow this procedure to print a document stored in memory: For best quality output, make one copy at a time. Before installing the toner cartridge, be sure to read the following: Page – Receiving With an Answering Machine: Quick-on-line sending Quick-on-line sending is the easiest and quickest way to send a document.


Chapter 8 Receiving Faxes Chapter 8 Receiving Faxes This chapter explains how to select the best receive mode for your needs and how to receive faxes. If you want to load a different paper size 1 p. Adjusting The Toner Saver Setting There is also information on selecting and loading print media and documents, instructions on unit maintenance, and a troubleshooting section if you have difficulties operating your unit.

Setting the Telephone Line Type Before using your unit, make sure it is set for the telephone line type of your telephone system. Remove the screws from the plugs and insert the plugs into the holes on the handset cradle.

What Is Polling Speed Dialing Methods If your unit is set for pulse 160p 1 p.

Each button cycles through the letters it contains. If you hear a high-pitched signal instead of a voice: