Connecting the power Before using your Joybook R53 for the first time, please check if you have all the items with you. Connect the power cord to a wall outlet. The screen below appears. Double click Network adapters. Selects an item or option.

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Tab Jumps from one item to another. Take the battery out and let it cool down for a while. If you want to add multiple music files to the Now Playing list, repeat the steps above. With the label side of the battery pack facing down, slide it gently into the battery compartment until it snaps into place 1. This is online service for sent a drivers to your PC. Discard used batteries according to battery manufacturer’s instructions.

Or, ebnq Service Center information to contact your local service center for help.

If the battery is installed in the Joybook and it is properly connected to an AC outlet, check if the battery meter icon is showing a joubook sign. Under Windows Task Manager, click the Applications tab, and then click on the application that freezes and click End Task. Faq And Troubleshooting What is Joybook? Activates or deactivates the numeric keypad integrated in Opens the My Computer window for browsing disks Num lk Read time 4min 20sec.


Declaration of Conformity For the following equipment: Right-click Computer and select Properties, Device Manager.

BenQ Joybook R53 Series User Manual

When a menu item is highlighted, more detailed information is given. For details about how to brnq or deactivate gadgets on the SideShow device, refer to “Customizing SideShow settings” on page Then, press or to choose the image file you want to play, and then press OK.

The location of speakers automatically.

Using SlideShow Player 3. Installing additional memory Information about how to add additional RAM memory.

Downloaded from 78 Appendix LpManual. The following are the major chapters of this book. Please Learn a information.

WLAN and Bluetooth are available on selected models. The Main Menu screen appears. Besides, you will also need to install the device drivers manually from Recovery CD Disc 2. If you are not familiar with the items in Advanced Configuration menu, you are advised to keep the default.


Benq Joybook Q41 – External Reviews

The S32W comes equipped with a Fully discharge and then fully charge the battery every two to recommendations in using batteries of the identical or three weeks for battery conditions. Click on the Bluetooth icon on the Windows system tray located at the vices that support Bluetooth transmission. Keep battery away from fire or other sources of extreme heat.

On the Home Page screen, press Jooybook Calendar. The Settings menu appears.

Observe how much free space is on the hard disk. BenQ’s visual display expertise amplifies all applications from videoconferencing, to charts and diagrams. This symbol on the product or on the packaging indicates that this can not be disposed of as household waste. Press OK to launch Music Player.