So just wanted to say – Thank you guys! Matches the scope’s equatorial coordinates to the given equatorial coordinates. Slews Gotos will fail in this situation too since they are canceled for being outside of limits. This driver provides both telescope and focuser interfaces each of which may be used by separate programs. In addition Corky needs a phone number for you to call him on, or in this case an IP address and Port number. This driver provides combined telescope, focuser, and dome interfaces each of which may be used by separate programs. The area of the telescope’s aperture, taking into account any obstructions square meters.

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Controlling a Telescope over WiFi

The SynScan Hand Controller version must be 3. Connect ACP with telescope no “Telescope, error turning tracking” message.

Does it mean ACP noticed that tracking is disabled and is asking you to turn it back on? Slews will fail in this situation too since they are canceled for being outside of limits.

Are you sure you wish to delete this message from the message archives of onstep groups. You should see a new panel appear that looks like this: Your computer must have Win98 or better.

On Sat, Jan 20, at Returns a description of the device, such as manufacturer and modelnumber. Tested and confirmed working mounts: Move the telescope to the TargetRightAscension and TargetDeclination coordinates, return when slew complete. For the two first reasons you will need to recheck your setup and confirm that the serial WiFi adapter’s baud rate actually is In this case, the OK button starts out enabled lit-up ; the assumption is that the pre-selected driver has already been configured.


Satoshi, Thanks for discovering this hidden GEM. True if this telescope is capable of programmed finding its home position FindHome method.

The right ascension hours of the telescope’s current equatorial coordinates, in the coordinate system given by the EquatorialSystem property.

Vixen Sphinx external link Driver for the Vixen Sphinx mounts. This is where the details of Tasks are displayed. This is equivalent to using manual steering on a real telescope. Make sure OnStep is aligned or un-parked and ready to go before connecting.

Please contact Explore Scientific for more information. Asom with ACP is going well. If you would like to try out the telescope control functions and have gone beyond the demo period, please contact me and I will issue you a new demo period license.

ASCOM Scope Simulator Help

Radio Zcope uses a limited vocabulary in this language that allows it send Azimuth and Elevation commands. Gotos from ACP don’t work anymore, nothing happens. Hopefully, a bit of activity will take place and you will receive notice that are connected to the Tutorial Telescope in two places on the TCPP.


To make sure the COM port is created successfully you should also check if it has been created in Device Manager:. Your header in Here. Latest firmware is recommended but will run with ascok firmware backwards compatible with reduced features. If I want to do another goto I got the “Telescope, error turning tracking” message.

Try clicking the Up – Down, and Left – Right buttons on the simulator. I’ve just been able to fix a rather obscure problem with my ASCOM drivers thanks to the wealth of information available, including the great Visual Studiotemplates.

ASCOM – Standards for Astronomy

The new topic will begin with this message. Transmits an arbitrary string to the device and waits for a boolean response. On my phone I saw the message that the parking position was saved successfully. Finally clear weather here in the Netherlands to do some tests.

If you have WiFi open a acsom and look at OnStep’s website to see if you’ve broken a limit.