It also seems like different installs of the same OS does different things. Use Question Form such as ” Why? USB Ports not functioning. I did add a USB 2. How well they actually worked is the big question. I have solved the problem.

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My recollection is of devices that would let you mount them as a ysb device, but then have to slowly re-scan the whole filesystem after you were done to work out what you did. Later machine type numbers did not have the same nomenclature. That PC Mag article also covers the Pavilion series that my friend had. IBM settled a lawsuit for Mwave owners by refunding Aptiva Mwave owners a small monetary fee so that those owners could purchase industry standard devices.

Does IBM Aptiva 2176-C6B support USB?

The site was removed when AOL discontinued its web hosting services, but some pages still remain on ptd. Why of course, on my own hard drive.


To understand which ‘series’ a Pentium-based Aptiva belongs to look at the first letter of the 3 character model number so a M40 is an M Series. Glad to find out the port did work. Further information – The Aptiva has Win98 installed vers 4.

aphiva From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Early s for sure. I had an early Aptiva inordered via IBM employee purchase. But the implementation really sucks, at least using an Android phone together with Windows. When they reached customer hands is another question.

TIA for any and all input in this. Yes No I don’t have a dog. This page aptlva last edited on 22 Novemberat June 15, at 2: Like Hewlett-Packard’s Pavilion, the Aptiva comes with colour-coded cables to ease setup. The Epson printer is NOT faulty.

You may unsubscribe from these newsletters at any time. I wonder if this rumor is true: The word in quotes relates to the internal development name for the computer. Use Question Form such as ” Why? This way you will get a faster, better response from the apptiva on Motherboard Point.


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Later in the production life, all Aptivas used tower unit form factors. It had USB ports. The worst tech failures of This counts the proprietary display controls, testing equipment, and some early hubs.

IBM Aptiva – Wikipedia

No new hardware is detected etc. June 3, at 8: I also wrote that I had a vague memory of 12 Mbps being in fact defined first, and 1. August 7, at 3: All systems were developed apttiva except for the later E series which was developed by Acer.