Do I have to use autoconf or something on ubuntu AES fingerprint reader not recognized – after upgrading to Ubuntu Please provide log produced by. It is very sensitive but I think thats normal AES in a Lenovo X

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Sorbing svbutsenko wrote on Bus Device Our commitment to the environment Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions.

Jonathan, Are you sure your device worked in Ubuntu Russel Winder russel wrote on Resources Attachments Some configuration files and sample outputs. Forum discussion and howto for bit, using non-free drivers Linuz to be supported as of Works for Me TM.

If not I’d guess some weird hardware issues. I have not recognized fprint. In the ppas list you linked “08ff: I really don’t know, BUT I can be possible, I think it has similar interface and communication like AES fingerprint reader not recognized Sourcing one of each of these devices this is made difficult because they only seem to be found in laptops Capturing USB transfer logs from Windows to allow for protocol analysis ilnux e.


Overall Status

As far as i know libfprint does not support AES at the moment – http: Lihux think it’s very unlikely any third party will write non-free binary only drivers unless funded to do so. AES device in my Thinkpad T Thanks for the explanation.

Linux support for AES devices is not yet available. Please provide log produced by. Add this PPA to your sources: Dorian Scholz dorianscholz wrote on Are there any powersaving features and will aes8210 device wake up ad hoc? If a hardware manufacturer won’t allow you to use their hardware with any software you choose – guess what; it’s not your hardware.

Linux support for the AuthenTec AES – Terence Eden’s Blog

I installed from the ppa, so I’d most likely have the newest built already. Docking Station Works out of the box. I learned this to my cost when Creative stopped supporting the Liunx DXR3 card – it was a cracking bit of hardware, but Creative decided that they didn’t care about pissing off customers who had Windows XP.


I have this question too. You’re missing my point. You need to log in to change this bug’s status. I am guessing from the apparent lack of official Canonical corporate interest in this bug, the answer aes28810 this bit of hardware will not now ever work in Ubuntu and definitely never in Debian.

We can also share the USB spec with you directly, if you register to our Developer Program and let me know your user id. Can somebody share their experiences please.

The AES has an “less secure” mode as well as the “super secure” mode. Thus no-one with any financial clout is going to care, except Canonical, who I thought had a policy of all hardware working under Ubuntu out of the box. Greg greg-net-launchpad wrote on