The video playback capabilities of PCs have three limiting factors. The rear has two USB 2. In ditching the expensive unibody construction, the manufacturer has been able to use its usual strategy of undercutting the competition. But if you’ve handled many thin and light notebooks before, you’ll probably think that this model could have been made lighter. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. Acer Aspire E11 ES1

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There aren’t any other vent holes in the chassis to draw cool air inside. Computer Shopper Get ready for a new notebook craze.

Are there any wholesalers out there that will do that? This field is optional. I agree with Jack 20 regarding the wireless connection. Explain to us in detail why you like or dislike the product, focusing your comments on the product’s features and functionality.

This field is e3 Verdict: PC Mag The Acer Aspire S3 is the first ultrabook we’ve seen, so it’s a bit early to tell where it fits within the overall category.

The Intel Quick-Sync video feature found on all Ultrabooks can also be used by video editing programs to speed up, significantly, sries rendering process.

Xeries called Acer as well as they initial pronounced it was out of warranty. In lateAcer launched its first ultrabook, the Aspire S3. Sleek aspirr, great looks and finish, bright LCD screen, quick boot and shutdown times, fast resume performance. If it was all alone in the PC market with no competition, we’d say go for it, but considering the Ultrabooks it’s going up against, such as the Toshiba Satellite Z and the ASUS UX31, it’s just not a tasty enough treat, not unless you can find it on sale for much less than its recommended retail price.


At least the charging lamp can be seen aspir the device is closed. Wired Magazine The bottom line is that with this ultrabook, Acer is at least sending a message that real price competition can exist in this rarefied category of notebooks. One month later, screws irdung the single dilemma fell off as well as LCD became distant from the support as well as electric wires unprotected out.

Acer Aspire E11 ES1 Ms3246 take the time to promote us if you feel this review was useful. T Break Overall, the Asipre S3 is a good machine, however, it does not feel like a new category of a laptop.

Gizmodo is nailing Samsung for calling the 14 inch, 4 lb, 0. Your e-mail address This field is mandatory Your e-mail address won’t be published. It does come with 2 USB 3.

Acer Aspire S3

Battery life could be higher. Specifications The model reviewed here is based on a Core i5, 1. After three years, we are delighted to meet the successor, the Aspire SG. It handled all the tasks that is was presented with during the review period.

The built-in Aspird is not available for data storage you can’t see it in Windows Explorer, for example ; it’s there to boost the boot-up performance of the laptop and allow it to wake up quickly from sleep and deep sleep modes. We’d prefer the keys to be more crisp and softer to hit.


Acer Aspire S Specs – CNET

The model reviewed here is based on a Core i5, 1. It might upset tech users who want to have different options at their disposal and get more bang for their buck, but mainstream users who just want a basic and easily mobile laptop for everyday work should get by just fine. In our rundown test, in which we disable power management, enable Wi-Fi, maximise screen brightness and loop an Xvid-encoded video, the laptop only lasted 3hr 26min.

We had a successful test of Half-Life 2 xeries modifying any graphics settings and Pinball HD from the Intel Appup store worked without a hitch. It gives a decent performance, there’s a good screen despite reflective qualities and thanks to dedicated graphics there’s even a bit of gaming cred for a price that won’t send those on a strict budget scurrying back to having to buy ms23446 chunky laptop.

However, its ELAN driver software assigns two fingers for swiping back and forth in a Web browser, rather than three fingers, which is what we’re used to from Synaptics pads. It has two USB 3.