Sign up for our discounts! Im stuck between these two and i know d1 forgiveness and d2 forgiveness with workability but my question is, is the d1 that more forgiving than the d2 or is it a big difference of forgiveness between the two? First time I hit the driver I laughed in amazement at the distance I got. Some have called the year of the square driver. The cc titanium head has a triangular shape that increases Moment of Inertia that keeps the club face from rotating if a ball is hit off-center.

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I bought my D1 So powerful, so damn stright, and still you can work it both ways! Feedback from demo days is that the square drivers are shorter than the traditional drivers.

I believe these 097 a great set of clubs and look forward to playing many rounds of golf in Portugal where we have just bought a small villa for our retirement.

Thanks Erik, I would have passed on buying this had I not read your reivew….

Titleist D1 Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

Have the Superquad with the Proto by-you shaft…nice…but also have the D2 with the same shaft…. Sorry, there was an error in submitting your review.

It sure looks like it could be really strange to hit, but again, it’s really not. I put in a Harrison 2. This was setup for me by the Ping guys on a local driving range.


This club has seen normal usage for an extended period of time, at least one season, has been well cared for, and is still in good used condition. The triangular shape points the path away from the ball, and its high-MOI design feels solid and powerful.

Titleist D1 Review

I do not struggle slicing the ball but i have no idea if i want the d1 or d2! There are other ways as well. But i am a 12 handicap who is a decent driver of the golf ball with no slices, it just that i miss to the toe a bit more than i would like.

MOI is measured in two directions: I have to say this review is spot on.

Anyone think I should even bother trying titleisst D1? If you have been reluctant to venture into the high MOI, cc driver realm, definitely take the Titleist D1 for a spin.

Just been fitted with D1; 9. To further reduce spin, chose a shaft that has a stiffer tip.

Titleist D1 Driver Review – Golfalot

This triangular driver from Titleist is a tutleist addition to their prestigious set of equipment, and it is performs about as well as any other similarly constructed driver.

It felt better than some of the square drivers maybe all of thembut not as good as a standard driver. Beware of your gitleist with the D1, though. I hit probably the longest ttleist of my life with in on my first day of using it. The D1 is available stock with the first three, and a significant number of shafts are available for special order including the UST ProForce V2 75 for the D1.


Both drivers fit in their respective headcovers quite easily, and the distinctive patterns draw the eye without being gaudy.

Today’s Golfer

Odds are, one may make its way into your bag. Overall we think this is a solid club that Titleist die-hards will like, but we think there are better drivers out there if you want high MOI forgiveness.

If the Ds are such an titkeist over the R, then why do so many tour pros use the R instead? Specifications Some of the specifications are listed above.

The sound of the Titleist D1 was a bit odd, giving a deep ‘ping’ rather than a ‘crash’ of the square drivers, which is not a bad thing. I did get fit for this combination on a launch monitor, my first time on one, and was surprised my swing speed was still up around mph.

I just received my D2 from a great ebay purchase and played it through the three day labor day weekend. How do these drivers stack up to the competition? I am testing a Halfway through my 6th round it just clicked and I started bombing it.