And of course I needed the internet and GPS there. Now you an choose settings from one of the 30 or so networks in the drop-down list, or just enter them by hand. Power on laptop and go to BIOS. Blair, Could you add links to this in the seldom read FAQ’s? After service started device manager find new equipment and automatically install drivers. For each windows startup this service will automatically load firmware into module. You will need to enable it only once.

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After the firmware is loaded, the modem is exposed over USB as id 05c6: It is not necessary though to be connected via 3G to be able to use GPS.

Even after I received the Thinkpad it was not very easy to find information about how to set it up, so I thought I would post it here – I am sure someone is looking for it The revision can be found in every file. Similar Threads – install Qualcomm Gobi. On some forum I find utilities than help us.


Qualcomm Gobi – Wikipedia

It will essentially tell you: There are the same settings you typically enter into your phone for GPRS connectivity, and they are probably available on your providers website. The hp software have some problem. System is slow after new nvme drive installed silverwolf0Dec 11,in forum: I ask myself a question: See discussion page 22 – 23 January for further details. This website uses cookies. Cancel No thanks Submit. It didn’t load firmware automatically.

HP Elitebook PCI-E WWAN Card Board 531993-001 2723A-GOBI2000 GOBI 2000

That is the blue button on the keyboard, and the blue toolbox icon in the task bar. The reasoning behind the multiple chips was to address additional markets such as USB modemse-readersgaming devices and machine to machine commercial applications.

Last summer I was going on a trip to Lake Baikal. PeonDec 28, at 1: Thus, create this directory as root, when it does not exist, and copy the appropriate firmware files into the directory. Create folder in the root directory. It may be illegal or a breach of contract in various countries to bypass a carrier lock. See our Sustainability Report. You will need to enable it only once.

10x Lenovo ThinkPad 3g Modem WWAN Card Board 2723a-gobi2000

Go back to Access Connections – just click on the Wifi signal in the task bar. The cut off corner on the SIM should stick into the slot.


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Just run GobiAllPowerSwitcher in command line with option “help” and follow the instruction. Click Next, and although the next page looks messy there is not really anything to change – just click Finish. This application expects the firmware image files amss.

There is a PPA for the qcserial module for Ubuntu Just got my X with a Gobi card inside. The amms and apps files have the same revision and this one is reported by the AT I command.

You will see picture like this: Back to Access Connections. Two years later, on February 11,Qualcomm announced the second generation of Gobi-enabled chipsets, the MDM